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I'm floating in a world of brilliant light...

I'm floating in a world of brilliant light...

We are constantly driven to ask the question, “who am I?” and “what is my purpose?” Life doesn’t always have to have meaning. We are not born with a purpose or path we are destined to fulfill. Nature indefinable and unpredictable, something that is out of our control. We, as humans, cannot bear the uncertainty behind the way the world is shaped, and corner ourselves to test the irrationality of nature, demanding a reasonable answer that just is not there.


Instead of fighting impossible social demands, we succumb to them. We build our own boundaries and are entangled in a web of “socially acceptable” standards. These rules strip us from our individuality and the freedom to articulate our feelings and emotions. We become numb and estranged from society. In the end, all we are left with are our tortured mind and body from a meaningless battle.


This multi-media series is a portal for those who are unable to express their internal struggles. Combining the visual, literal, and auditorial senses, this work seeks to acknowledge and document the existence of pain that accompanies futility and alienation derived from our inability to conform. It welcomes the audience to explore our dormant senses of faith and liberation that comes with understanding the beauty and meaning of life when we embrace nature and separate ourselves from society.

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