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Jee Su Kim is a South Korean visual storyteller whose works encompass a wide range of mediums, including documentary photography, fine art photography (incorporating mixed media, composite imagery, and staged photography), film/videography, and artist books. She goes beyond documenting literal representations by blending her subjective vision to create more emotionally evocative images through symbolic and abstract imagery.


Growing up in a multicultural background, her challenges with finding a sense of belonging enabled her to channel isolation and otherness into a source of empowerment. She does so by giving agency to her photographed subjects, at times herself, who are carefully staged in an ordinary background to convey a certain story or emotion while preserving the documentary elements of her photographs. She seeks to highlight the mundane by blurring the lines between reality and illusion to create an intimate and emotional experience with the viewer by allowing them to interact with the subjects photographed.

As a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), holding a BFA in Photography and a minor in Film, she is currently serving as the Artistic Operations Manager at the Atlanta Photography Group (APG) Gallery. With the passion for photography and fine art overall, she aspires to learn more in depth about gallery spaces, curation and how to shape and execute artistic projects as a fine art photographer herself. 

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Exhibition and Awards

2023 Juried Exhibition, Coco Conroy Selects 2023, juried by Coco Conroy, director of Jackson Fine Art, Atlanta Photography Group (APG) Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2023 IPA International Photography Awards 2023 Honorable Mention  

2023 Photolucida Critical Mass 2023 Finalists

2023 Honorable Mention, Group Exhibition, Joy and the Everyday curated by Jean Dykstra, editor of Photograph Magazine, Atlanta Photography Group (APG) Gallery, Atlanta, GA


2023 Artists' Book Competition Exhibit, May 17th - August 24th 2023

Highlighting the winners and competitors of the 2023 Artists' Book Competition

2023 SCAD Libraries' Annual Artists' Book Competition 1st Place

2023 One of ten NEPR 2023 Student Scholarship Awardees

                NEPR online catalogue

2023 Group Exhibition, ALTERNATIVE PROCESS AND THE HANDMADE PHOTOGRAPH  curated by Adam Finkelston, the founder and editor of The Hand Magazine, Atlanta Photography Group (APG) Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2023 Juror's Pick, Annual APG Member’s Choice Exhibition CHOICE 2023 curated by Christa Dix, Atlanta Photography Group (APG) Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2023 Works selected for 2023 edition of PORT CITY REVIEW, SCAD’s annual arts journal publication

2022 SCAD Fall 2022 Photography Showcase (ongoing), SCAD Atlanta (5C)

2022 Group Exhibition, EYES ON ATLANTA: ASIAN PERSPECTIVE IN PHOTOGRAPHY  curated by Yusheng Liu, Atlanta Photography Group (APG) Gallery, Atlanta, GA

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