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During the three years of living at my grandmothers house during covid, I got to learn more about her personality, past, sacrifices, and challenges she had to overcome. Each told a different story, one of grief, loss and suppression, but also one of resilience and perseverance - a testament to the empowering nature of women. Her frail form, and history of hard work, dedication, and commitment growing up as the eldest daughter, a mother, and a wife, is emphasized with power to show how such a small body can be capable of so much. Through my series, I aim to reconcile her outer appearance with her inner self, celebrating the wisdom that comes with age.
As a woman of this generation, I felt a strong responsibility to narrate and reflect her life through my camera. My goal is to provide others with a glimpse into the life and state of mind of Ha Ja, whether it be pain, happiness, sadness, or a blend of emotions, through my own visual language. My work transcends literal representation, employing symbolic and abstract imagery to evoke deep emotions and reflect her inner self. These intimate reflections delve into her past, including childhood memories, trauma, and unfulfilled dreams.


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