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Children's Dining Table: 

Food can not only provide a gateway to reconnect with one’s past memory or childhood, but it can also act as a powerful tool for connecting human relationships, both emotionally and socially. It is not an understatement to say that food is also powerful enough to allow people to reconnect with one’s sense of identity and imagination. This body of work intend to illustrate the value of innocence and fruitfulness that comes along with youth through the motif of food and juvenescence. The series captures dynamic, in-the-present moments of a childish feast; the sweet desserts act as a multifaceted symbol of immaturity, love, young innocence, friendship, and happiness, by providing a valuable moment to temporarily relive the long-lost feeling of what it was like to be “innocent” as a child.

A children’s dining table can be seen as an entirely different universe, as the dining table is more than a mere “place” for communication, feasting, and socialization, but a space open for irrationality, creativity, innovation, imagination, honesty, and genuine innate humor. Each individual child do not shy away from the lens of the camera, yet share unadulterated openness by revealing pure optimism and energetic spirit. The active dining scenes are digitally colored to further enhance the vibrancy in color to amplify the playful mood.


The color palette of the series, the recurring colors of yellow hues and white, are associated with the sense of warmth, positivity, immaturity, and innocence, which all play a critical role in both capturing and developing the essence of youth. Each snap shot of the fleeting moments consists of a completely different narrative that the children manifested on their own at the dinner table; exploring the realm of imagination that children have, which we as adults lost ever since childhood. In addition, the portrait shots are edited with a black and white filter to emphasize the innocent nature of children. Just like the taste of the delicacies accompanying the children at their table, their youth lasts as a short-lived surge of sweetness and pure happiness.

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