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Dear Grandma,


These works of mine are dedicated to you.

I acknowledge the painful life you’ve endured, the dreams you’ve left far behind, and all the complicated splendor that is you, Ha Ja, someone strong and so admirable.


You are my muse, grandma.

We are connected. With you, I am not afraid to draw the unspoken fear of your nightmares, to anchor the sadness in your voice when you talk about your lonely days, and awaken your dormant emotions and desires.


You are formless like water.

How brave of you to prevent the waves from swallowing you whole,

to steer your way through life in the sea of tears,

simply floating on the surface, letting the waves carry you wherever they may.


On your behalf, I draw your life with passion.

I am honored to celebrate an honest reflection of your life and true identity through the lens of my work.



Your granddaughter

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